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50% of Americans are unhappy due to performance of US President Donald Trump : Survey

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50% of Americans are unhappy due to  performance of US President Donald Trump : Survey

Washington: President Donald Trump took over a month later, most Americans disagreed with his style of functioning. This survey (survey) has revealed.

According to NBC News, NBC News and Survey Monkey from 53 percent in the survey conducted on behalf of Trump went to the dissatisfaction expressed by the action, while 43 per cent were satisfied with the work of Trump.

In the survey, over 30 percent of people expressed anger at the federal government's performance.

The survey also found that nearly two-thirds of Americans are concerned that the next four years the country will be stuck in a big fight. Of these, about 36 per cent say they "very concerned" that Trump will be stuck in a fight during the term of the US.

The survey results showed that the US trump the executive order on immigration and are divided on Obama Care, which he has promised to repeal it and replace.

Trump from seven Muslim countries imposed temporary restrictions on passengers cleared half the 47 percent disagreeing that.

However, 52 percent are in favor of affordable Care Act while 45 percent disagreed.
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